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LAFOC Publications


Articles for the year

Some Mechanical Properties of Coconut Fiber Reinforced Polyethylene Composite to Control Environmental Waste in Ghana

G Amoako, P Mensah-Amoah, F Sam, S S Sackey (2018) Energy and Environment Research 8 (1), 1

Characterization of Potential Direct Recharge in the Gold Mining District of South-Western Ghana Using the Hydrus-1D Computer Code

F Sam, G Amoako, B Sefa-Ntiri, A Twum, P Mensah-Amoah, J Tellam (2018) Journal of Geography and Geology 10 (3)

A hybrid data deduplication approach in entity resolution using chromatic correlation clustering

C R Haruna, M Hou, M J Eghan, M Y Kpiebaareh, L Tandoh (2018) International Conference on Frontiers in Cyber Security, 153-167

Cost-Based and Effective Human-Machine Based Data Deduplication Model in Entity Reconciliation

C R Haruna, M S Hou, M J Eghan, M Y Kpiebaareh, L Tandoh, ...(2018) 5th International Conference on Systems and Informatics (ICSAI), 1265-1270

Scanning digital holography at 10.6 μm for large scene reconstruction

P Mensah, M Locatelli, E Pugliese, P Poggi, P K B Bassuah, R Meucci (2018) Journal of Physics Communications 2 (5), 055018

A hybrid quantum eraser scheme for characterization of free-space and fiber communication channels

I Nape, C Kyeremah, A Vallés, C Rosales-Guzmán, P K Buah-Bassuah, ...(2018) Optics Communications 408, 53-57

Articles for the year

Rapid laser direct writing of plasmonic components

G Amoako, W Zhang, M Zhou, S S Sackey, P Mensah-Amoah (2017) Appl Phys Res, 9 (6), 19-25

Microbial Purification in Well-Water Using UV-Vis LEDs and Monitoring Using Laser-Induced Fluorescence

S S Sackey, B Sefa-Ntiri, P Mensah-Amoah, J Ntow, M K Vowotor, Andrew Huzortey & Angela Akyea (2017) Applied Physics Research 9 (6)

A Composite Algorithm for Optimized Baseline Correction in Raman Spectroscopy

Andrew Atiogbe Huzortey, Benjamin Anderson, Alfred Owusu (2017) Conference proceedings, OSA publishing, Frontiers in Optics

Laser Induced fluorescence in combination with Multivariate analysis classifies anti – malarial herbal plants.

Charlse L. Y. Amuah, Moses J. Eghan, Benjamin Anderson, Peter Osei – Wusu Adueming, Jerry Opoku-Ansah (2017), Conference proceedings, OSA publishing, Frontiers in Optics.